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Beware of the new land keys scam. The State Police these days is informing Italian citizens of the new method put into practice by the criminals, to rob motorists when they least expect it.

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Law enforcement agencies are providing important indications on how to defend yourself from scams on the street. So getting informed and updated is essential if you don’t want to run risks caused by disinformation.

Falling into the trap is easy, it can happen to anyone, both young and old. Previously, the trick of shopping in front of supermarkets was used, but now the dynamics have changed, keys are used and two thieves act.

Here’s how two thieves try to scam motorists with simple keys

The two thieves go into action together, first they identify the victim that ihe is generally a busy and lonely person, then they continue with the plan. They choose lonely people because they get confused easily and are therefore easier to fool.

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One of the two goes to distract the victim by showing some keys that have fallen to the ground under the car, generally on the driver’s side, asking if they could be his. While the defrauded person checks, the second attackeror goes to steal everything in the car and in some cases even the groceries.

Here’s how it’s recommended to behave and what to do in order not to risk it

In cases like this, the Police recommend first of all to look aroundthen to avoid stopping especially if strange situations like this arise, because you risk running into serious scams.

It can happen anywhere, in the parking lots of supermarkets or shopping centers or even under the house and beyond. Don’t just pay attention to the keys, e.gbecause this is the newest method. Then there are some other items that have been used over the years and continue to come in handy.

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For example, the tire is flat or needs to be replaced, or the sudden noise that simulates an accident. After the bang, the scammer asks the victim for money to compensate for the damages and thus manages to bring home a nice booty.

These scams have always existed, but over the years they have doubled probably because there are so many people who are in financial difficulty. Many go looking for an optimal solution to get to the end of the month peacefully, also evaluating scams, risking very heavy and serious consequences.