How much does a gas station attendant earn for every liter of petrol sold? You won’t believe it

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We all think that petrol attendants are rich compared to many other workers, especially in this very difficult period in which petrol and diesel are very expensive.

How much does a gas station attendant earn
How much does a gas station attendant earn

But what is the reality of the facts? Are gas station attendants pocketing more than they should or has nothing changed for their wallets? Let’s find out more about this.

These days there is a lot of talk not only about petrol which has once again reached almost €2 per litre, but also about the petrol stations on strike who they complain about working conditions that are not the best and many other issues that no one cares about.

The petrol station strike and their difficult situation

The category of workers in question had already announced a strike for 25 and 26 January a few weeks ago. After the first day of the event, starting on the 26th the lifts will be open again and carry out regular service, as always.

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But Let’s now answer the question about revenues. The revenue for those who sell petrol is 10%, therefore we are talking about a much lower percentage than what is due to the State and compared to what we all would have imagined.


How much does the average gas station attendant earn

The first distinction that must be made in this regard is between the petrol operator who owns the system and the employee who works at the refueling station. The employed gas station attendant earns figures ranging from 870 euros for those who have just started doing this job, to €1,570 for those who have a career lasting at least 20 years.

In Italy the average is 1,250 euros per monthfor a 45-hour work week. The gas station owner, on the other hand, earns 10% and no more, per litre. To explain all this we need to divide the price of petrol into three parts.

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On the one hand there is the platts, on the other there is the salary of the gas station attendant and finally there are taxes. The platts indicates the agency that establishes the sale price of the fuel, the taxes are those that weigh on the base price and finally the owner’s gain is the minimum percentage of 10%, while the State, being a majority shareholder, obtains a revenue of far greater.

The issue of petrol and price increases weighs heavily on the shoulders of the new government formed by Giorgia Meloni who has been asked several times to start cutting excise duties which, however, will certainly be slow to arrive.

The prime minister explained that the cut on excise duties cannot be introduced until the cost of fuel exceeds €2 per book, just as happened when the previous government was present. So at least for now the Italian population is called to suffer.

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