Everyone rushes to fill up at this gas station, it’s the cheapest of all

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Petrol: here’s which sign to go to to fill up with petrol. It is the cheapest of all.

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With the expensive petrol prices Italian motorists are looking for effective tricks and remedies to save money. The price of fuel has risen to over two euros per litre. In this situation it could be essential to find diesel and petrol stations where filling up has lower costs. The main signs along the Italian motorways charge higher costs than signs along the roads. Here’s where to go to fill up with petrol and which sign to go to.

Which are the cheapest petrol stations according to the Altroconsumo survey?

The investigation of Other consumption revealed which are the cheapest petrol stations.

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The data of one year ago were processed byPrice and tariff observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development. Other consumption it considered the signs of national importance, i.e. those present on extra-urban arterial roads and in urban shopping centres. As regards the motorway network, the survey analyzed 40 petrol stations in 11 regions. The cheapest brand indicates the index 100, if the index is 105 it implies that fuel prices are 5% higher than the cheapest brand.

Where should you get petrol?

For the road petrol network, tamoil and the cheaper sign first with 100 points followed by Q8 and Esso at 101. Followed by Api-IP at 102 with Agip Eni. For the diesel network, the Tamoil brand is in first place with 100 points, followed by Q8 and Esso with 101 points. At 102 there is Api-Ip and at 103 there is Agip Eni.

With regard to the motorway network petrol index there is tamoil at 100 points, at 101 points we find Api-Ip, Q8 and Sarni Oil. At 104 there is Agip Eni. As far as the diesel index on the motorway network is concerned, Sarni Oil is in first place with 100 points, while Q8, Esso and Tamoil are at 101. At 103 points there is Api-Ip and Agip ENI with 107 points. As regards the LPG index on the motorway network, Q8 has 100 points, followed by Sarni Oil and Agip Eni. The Tamoil brand has 107 points and Api-Ip has 111 points.