Forgot your keys? With this simple trick, you can open your car in less than a second

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How many times do you forget your car keys inside your vehicle and not be able to access them in any way?

Trick to open car
Trick to open car

At that moment fear assailsterror is visible in the eyes because you are certain that the only way to access the vehicle is to break the glass, which means having to spend a lot of money to carry out repairs.

The consequences in this case are dramatic. Anyone would think of calling a mechanic immediately to solve it immediately, in reality this solution is absolutely not recommended, because the bill would be very high.

Among other things without even a valid reason because there would be many other practical solutions to apply, simple and suitable for everyone and for all needs.

Locking the keys inside the car is one of the most annoying misfortunes, here’s how to fix it

We all know, there is nothing more annoying than realizing that you have locked your keys in the car and that you don’t have the emergency keys behind you that everyone has hidden in the house in a remote spot, which you can’t remember when to use it.

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If you don’t have too much time to waste, rather than calling a specialist, you just have to create a noose by procuring a shoelace, for example the shoelace, and letting it go down from the interstice. In this way, with a pinch of patience and agility you will be able to reach for the door opening and that’s it.

Alternatively, a metal hanger is needed, which is passed between the seal and the door to reach the door locking block and unlock the system and then open and take the key.

Like opening the door with a tennis ball

Finally a trick that no one could ever expect requires the use of a punctured tennis ball, through which it is necessary to press quickly and at the same time briefly directly on the block in which the key is to be inserted and this will be unlocked.

The only thing to watch out for is the passage of police officers, because if they were to realize what is happening they could ask for an identity document to verify that the car is owned and that they are not witnessing an attempted theft.

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Probably someone would think of warn them for help, in reality it is necessary to know that they can only intervene if the car called in question blocks traffic or creates an obstacle. By contacting the police, you risk spending three times as much because the only thing they can do is call the tow truck.