Ford Electric SUV Spied Testing In Europe

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Ford is developing an electric crossover in Europe. Our spy has a gallery of images recording model testing in Cologne, Germany.

This vehicle is under heavy camouflage, so we can only draw limited conclusions about its styling. The lines look smooth, except for the prominent front bumper. There is a relatively small rectangular shaped opening in the lower fascia. It looks like there are vertically stacked headlights or maybe headlights with separate sections.

In profile, this SUV has a checkered appearance. His nose was blunt, and his flanks chiseled. The tail also has an upright stance.

From behind, the vehicle looks very stylish. There is a stepped section under the rear glass and on the hatchback. The bumper seems to have a fake diffuser.

Outside of the electric powertrain, we don’t know much about what motivates this vehicle. If Ford follows common industry practice for models in this segment, then we expect single-motor, front-wheel-drive and dual-motor, all-wheel drive variants to be available.

In 2022, Ford teased nine electric vehicles coming to Europe in 2024. They include EV variants from Puma, the Mach-E, a “mid-size crossover”, and a “sport crossover”. The other five are vans.

Our spies suspect the vehicle in this spy shot is a mid-size crossover. According to Ford, the model goes on sale in 2023 in Europe and has a projected range of 311 miles (500 kilometers) in WLTP tests. The Blue Oval factory in Cologne, Germany, will build these vehicles.

There has been speculation that the sports crossover may be a coupe variant of the mid-size crossover. As proof that they could be related, the assembly of these vehicles was also carried out in Cologne. It arrives in 2024.

To support the new vehicles, Ford will build a battery assembly plant in Turkey by 2024.

The automaker’s goal is to build 600,000 EVs per year by the end of 2023. By 2026, that number will grow to two million units per year.

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