The leaks continue: the FIAT 600 shows its front and rear devoid of camouflage

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just a few days later the first leaks, The FIAT 600 has once again been caught circulating without camouflage, in this case during the recording of its launch spot. If in the previous spy photos we could see its lateral line, now its front and rear design have been completely exposed.

The new FIAT 600 will be a B-SUV approximately 4.10 meters long derived from the Jeep Avenger, with which it will share a production line at the Stellantis group plant in Tychy (Poland). It is called to indirectly replace the popular 500X, a somewhat larger model with which it will live for a limited time.

The aesthetic connection with the 500e is more than evident, although FIAT has given it a twist to differentiate them as much as possible. For example, the 600 has some small moldings on the sides of the headlights that are not present on its little brother. This element seems to want to imitate the appearance of the eyelashes, complementing the upper part of the headlight in the form of an “eyelid”.

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The vehicle will bear the “600” badge at the front instead of the FIAT logo, which will be present on the tailgate. The pilots will once again be inspired by those of the 500e, and there will be no lack of details such as a small Italian flag on the rear bumper. Both the wheel arches and the stirrups will be made of black plastic.

FIAT 600

The FIAT 600 will be presented during the spring

Our protagonist will be based on the second generation CMP/eCMP platform. It will be available with a 1.2 PureTech gasoline engine in the standard versions (100 CV) and mild hybrid 48 volts (136 hp). Of course, there will be an electric version that could carry the trade name 600e.

This latest model will use a 156 PS (115 kW) and 260 Nm, as well as 54 gross kWh batteries (51 useful kWh). The approved autonomy will be above the psychological barrier of 400 km WLTP. As for the load, it will reach a maximum of 100 kW in direct current (20-80% in less than 30 minutes).

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We must not rule out that they arrive later more powerful and/or all-wheel drive versions, which could be signed by Abarth. As with the 500e, there will be numerous customization options for both the exterior and the cabin; in fact, we shouldn’t rule out even offering a canvas moonroof like the 500X Dolcevita.

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