the delicate truth about the broken thumb

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Marc Marquez also misses the Jerez GP due to a broken thumb: the surgeon who operated on it explains the rider’s clinical picture.

Marc Marquez (Ansa)
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Dr. Ignacio Roger de Ona is the surgeon who operated on Marc Marquez a month ago. To the microphones of Dazn he explained how delicate the situation of the Honda champion is.

Marc Marquez in the Jerez paddock… but absent on the track

The absence of Marc Marquez also in Jerez it is a cold shower for the Repsol Honda team and its fans. The broken thumb of his right hand, sustained in the Portimao race, is proving to be more boring than expected and therefore we will see the eight-time world champion again only in the next round at Le Mans. He remains at seven points and now the run-up to the world title is getting really complicated.

His health is recovering, but getting him back on the bike is still risky RC-V and therefore two more weeks of rest and rehabilitation will be needed before getting on track. The team manager Alberto Puig accuses the blow and to the microphones of the official website analyzes the complicated situation: “All the doctors, those who performed the operation at the Madrid hospital, the doctors at the Mayo Clinic, those at Red Bull who support Marc, have agreed that he is not yet ready to return to racing.“.

The fracture of the first metacarpal bone

The decision was made on Tuesday after the last Tac, therefore the decision to bring Iker Lecuona in Jerez as a substitute. The surgeon who operated on him in Madrid the day after the Portimao GP, Dr. Ignacio Roger de Ona, took care of clarifying Marquez’s situation. Why is a “simple” fracture keeping the HRC star away from racing for so long?

This particular fracture has a specific name, ‘Bennett fracture‘: “The fragment is so small that you do not have the possibility to fix it with a plate and screws as would happen with a fracture of the metacarpal or phalanx… This fracture is not so“, explained to Dazn’s microphones the doctor who operated on Marc Marquez in Madrid by grafting screws just over a millimeter in size. “If he gets on the bike you can’t expect those screws to resist fracturing. In professional athletes, who have a very strong hand, recovery times are approximately six weeks“.

If the eight-time world champion got back on the bike he would have risked a new fracture and in that case he could even have said goodbye to his career. In two weeks, just before French GPthe CT will repeat: “I think he will have a better chance of being able to race, but we have to be sure“.