Marc Marquez and Honda, the ghosts of the last two years are back

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Marc Marquez still recovering, misses another GP. A big problem for Honda, but also for the MotoGP World Championship.

Marc Marquez, another problem – MotoriNews

That bang in Portimao had more consequences for him and for the pilot hit by him. Marc Marquez is still out of action, the news is that its absence in the MotoGP World Championship it lengthens. In fact, the multiple champion from Cervera will not even compete in the Spanish Grand Prix, which starts in the next few days in Jerez. Another bad one whammy both for Marquez and for Honda, which in the three GPs held so far boasts only one podium with its winning ace. The situation yes complicates notably also for the world championship ambitions of this unstoppable duo up to, needless to say, a Jerez 2020which started the ordeal.

Marc Marquez: “We don’t take risks”

The surgery for the fracture intra-articular to the first metacarpal of the right hand. In fact, this is the diagnosis after theaccident occurred in the opening stages of the GP of Portugal. We remember him, Marc Marquez who strikes Miguel Oliveira right in front of his home crowd, something #93 immediately apologized to his colleague for. Bad consequences they were there above all for him: the Portuguese rider has already returned to racing, while Marquez hasn’t been seen since that GP. Another injury surgery, a recovery process again, a return that is postponed. We don’t want to take any chances: word from Marc Marquez, as stated in the press release. Statements that clearly demonstrate how the two years of ordeal have it marked deeply. With his physique she no longer risks, when it will be in place will run again. In her place, meanwhile, he gets on board Iker Lecuona, a Honda rider but in Superbike, where he has just accumulated a triple zero. A MotoGP substitution, while difficult, can lift his morale.

Marc Marquez, a single podium and 7 zeros – MotoriNews

The ghosts return

The absence of Marc Marquez and therefore the not wanting to take risks it’s not good news either for the rider or for HRC. Looking at the sporting side, the intention declared at the beginning of the year becomes more complicated, namely to fight for the title MotoGP World Championship. We are just at the fourth GP but, with the double races, Marquez has already accumulated 7 very heavy zeros! An ugly tile also for the values ​​of the World Cup. Whether the “fans” like it or not, a rider like him lacks to Honda, but the MotoGP is also missing. We can therefore do nothing but hope for a speedy return. A champion of that caliber is what is needed for a championship, alas, in free fall.