Did you know about the existence of this hidden key in your car? It saves a lot

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The latest generation machines are equipped with so many buttons that they look like spaceships: one in particular can help you a lot

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If you have purchased a latest generation machine you will certainly have noticed that by now you can find buttons galore. Of course it also depends on how equipped your car is but, in general, the dashboards available to the driver look more and more like those of the spaceships we see in our favorite science fiction films.

With this article we want to tell you about a button in particularwhich you will surely already know, explaining in detail why it can be useful on various occasions, also from the point of view of save fuel in a new historical era in which prices have risen sharply again.

We are talking about the air recirculation button: not exactly a very latest generation button, on the contrary, it has been present on cars for at least two decades now, but it is clear that technological advances are also increasingly effective in giving us the functions we desire. Let’s see how you can use it and what advantages it can give you.

The incredible advantages of the air recirculation button

The air recirculation button is usually found next to the one set up for activating theair conditioning. You recognize it by an arrow that “circulates” inside the vehicle. What is its function? We’ll explain it to you right away: as the name suggests, activating this button allows you to “close” the air vents and make sure that the same internal air is recirculated inside the car.

Air recirculation button
Air recirculation button – Motori.news

This expedient allows you to save some fuel because, given that the air is renewed directly from the inside, there is no entry of air from the outside which would therefore need to be reconditioned to keep the car within the desired temperature range. Of course you have to also know its limitsespecially in winter.

Closing the entrance of air from outside in the coldest season inevitably risks make the problem of fogged windows worse: therefore in that case the best thing is to let air in to make sure that the window demisting process is faster and above all does not occur again.

Speech diametrically opposite instead for the summer: closing everything allows us to speed up the cooling of the interior of the car and above all to prevent it from continuing to enter warm air from outside that could compromise the regular operation of the air conditioning.

Air conditioning and recirculation
Air conditioning and recirculation – Motori.news

In mid-season, on the other hand, the ideal use is the one suggested: turn it on every now and then, perhaps in traffic to avoid breathing polluted air, but remember that it cannot be on forever. At some point, the internal air that continues to circulate will become stale and will need a change that will only have to come from the outside.

In short, make the most suitable use of it for each different circumstance remember that it can become a valid ally in terms of saving fuel.