Smear toothpaste on your car headlights, here’s why

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As strange as it may seem, the toothpaste that allows us to maintain high oral hygiene and always perfumed breath can even come in handy in the car, especially to clean the opaque headlights.

Spread the toothpaste
Spread the toothpaste

Generally when you notice that your headlights have become dull and the light fails to come out as it should, we think of replacing them because obviously it is the quickest and most practical as well as effective solution that anyone could think of.

There is actually a second method, which can solve the problem quickly enough without spending too much, saving money. Just follow the following tips, to always have clean and transparent headlights and illuminate the road to the fullest extent possible at any time of night.

This is what the toothpaste that we all have at home can be used for

The new polycarbonate headlights become opaque over time because they deteriorate, this happens because the plastic is coated with a layer of transparent paint that slowly fades away and therefore does not allow light to pass the plastic as before. Consequentially the light emitted turns out to be feeble and not enough.

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Cleaning the headlights is quite simple, prevention is often not enough, so if you have particularly opaque headlights, just take the toothpaste, even the gel one is fine, then some masking tape, rubber gloves and a damp cloth.

How to clean dull and aged headlights using a dab of toothpaste

Once you have everything you need, you can start. The toothpaste should be used to clean the surface of the headlight, including the edges, take the right amount of the product without exaggerating and start rubbing with the sponge, soaping. All this perhaps using gloves to avoid damaging your hands.

Three or five minutes is enough to lather dull headlights with toothpaste, rinse them, pat them dry with a dry cloth or paper towel and they’re practically like new again.

After cleaning, you can also use car wax, which makes the headlights even brighter than normal. It is advisable to carry out the work in a place away from the sun’s rays, perhaps in partial shade or even in the shade if you have the opportunity.

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This is because in this way you can look closely from any position to realize if any part has been left out and therefore remained dull or dirty.