Opaque headlights, with 0.10 cents you make them look like new again: you always will

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Opaque headlights are not only an aesthetic defect but a serious problem that questions not only driving comfort, but also the safety of those traveling on the vehicle.

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Over time, car headlights take on an annoying dull appearance, for a variety of reasons, for example water or dust, for sudden changes in temperaturedue to excessive exposure to the sun’s rays.

Whatever the reason, in any case a solution must be found because causing accidents on the road due to dull headlights is certainly not nice and satisfying.

Cleaning dull headlights, how to make them look like new again

Cleaning the headlights guarantees driving safety, so as soon as you realize that they are dirty and fogged up, to prevent them from suddenly limiting your field of vision, it is better to intervene and carry out a thorough cleaning. To do this, you don’t necessarily need to turn to professionals. You can also try it at home.

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To clean the headlights you can use a product that we all have at home or sodium bicarbonate, we know it because it is used for cleaning the home environment always given that it always manages to give excellent results.

To clean the headlights, mix a cup of baking soda with warm water to make a thick, creamy paste that you apply directly to the opaque headlights. Then it is rubbed using a damp sponge and rinsed with clean water.

Finally, a microfiber cloth is used which allows you to dry and obtain the shine we all dream of. The advice is to avoid scrubbing aggressively because in this way the glasses could also be damaged.

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Ordinary maintenance of opaque headlights here are some tips

The more dirt accumulates, the darker the headlights of the car become, in order not to get to this point it is advisable to carry out regular maintenance. How to do it? Using white vinegar, which is one of the most practical remedies recommended by our grandmothers.

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On the other hand, compared to many other products, vinegar allows you to remove dirt and dullness without stress and without problems but above all without elbow grease.

For periodic maintenance, mix three parts of water and one of vinegar, heat the solution, then pour it into a bottle, leave it to rest for a minute at most and then pass it directly onto the headlights using a sponge and here is solved.