The Rezvani Beast Is A 1,000-HP Bullet-Proof Corvette With Gas Masks

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It’s been teased for months, and now it’s here. Say hello to the Beast, the latest bonkers build from California-based Rezvani. If the name sounds familiar, the very first Rezvani was also called Beast. However, whereas that was based on the Aerial Atom, the new Beast is a C8 Chevrolet Corvette at heart. In true Rezvani fashion, there are electrified door handles, bullet-proof glass, a smoke screen feature, and 1,000 horsepower. 

Let’s start with the engine. It’s a 6.2-liter V8 not unlike the one you’d find under the engine cover of a Corvette Stingray, though this one uses a pair of turbochargers to belt out 1,000 hp and 878 pound-feet of torque. Other engine details aren’t provided, but it’s still connected to an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic with paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

2024 Rezvani Beast
2024 Rezvani Beast
2024 Rezvani Beast

Flat out, Rezvani claims the Beast will reach 60 mph in 2.5 seconds and finish a quarter-mile in 9.6 seconds. A full carbon-fiber body helps with the performance, dropping vehicle weight to 2,960 pounds. The exterior retains some C8 Corvette cues, like the large side intakes and removable roof, but the fascias and fenders largely eliminate the ‘Vette’s sharper body lines with smoother shapes. Stacked quad exhaust tips at the rear make for an aggressive look, flanking a big ol’ diffuser down low. Rounding out the wild supercar theme are the butterfly doors.

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There’s more Chevrolet flavor on the inside, though Rezvani eliminates the spine of buttons bisecting the driver and passenger seats. The steering wheel is also sliced off at the top, a decision the company says was influenced by Formula 1. The company logo replaces the Corvette emblem on the airbag, and we can see the dash receives fresh upholstery that looks a bit awkward to us. Perhaps that’s due to the litany of spy-hunter options available on this sleek machine.

2024 Rezvani Beast

For the wanna-be James Bonds out there, a $45,000 optional “007” package includes gas masks, thermal night vision, electromagnetic pulse protection, electrified door handles, a pepper spray dispenser, magnetic deadbolts, strobe lights, sirens, first-aid and hypothermia kits, and for reasons we can’t explain, an intercom system for a small two-seat supercar. There’s an optional explosive device detection system too, but the price for that isn’t mentioned.

There’s legit body armor for the supercar, too, but it’ll cost you an extra $55,000. For that you get unspecified amounts of armor for the exterior, as well as bullet-proof glass. Presumably, that takes a big chunk out of the Beast’s performance. Such is the price for surviving the apocalypse in style.

Rezvani is asking an eye-watering $485,000 for the Beast. That’s before any of the weird gadgets are added in. With the 007 and armor packages included, the sticker price rises to $585,000. But even if you have the cash, you might have a hard time getting your hands on a Beast, as only 20 are planned for production.