Accident, how long does it really take for the airbag to work? Terrible discovery

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The airbag is known as the life-saving cushion, it is a safety device that is installed on all new generation cars, to make circulation safer for the driver.

How long does it take for the airbag to activate – Motori.News

It is generally installed inside the steering wheel, in a frontal position inside the dashboard, or at the rear or on the side. It serves, in the event of an accident, a protect the driver better.

Inside the airbag there is an air chamber which in the event of a collision inflates and bursts, preventing the driver’s head from impacting parts of the vehicle which could be lethal.

When the airbag explodes

The airbag deploys should any of these occur impact at a speed of 50 km timetables. It takes a few seconds for the airbag to activate.

This bursts thanks to a sensor, which is activated on impact. As for the passenger airbag, can be turned on or off as needed.

The various types of airbags

As far as we can think and be sure that there is only one type of airbag, it’s actually not like that. There are various types and they change according to the gas present inside and the position in which they are installed inside the cars.

Pyrotechnic airbags, for example, are the classics, then there are the hybrid airbags which have a second capsule inside which there are argon and also helium which speed up the inflation process and with a smaller charge. This type of airbag is perfect for installation where there is little space.

And then there’s the dual stage airbag, which has a pair of hybrid or pyrotechnic airbags, the control unit chooses whether to activate one charge or both. If there are passengers, both are activated.

Typically there are two airbags in a vehicle, installed in the front position. One on the steering wheel to protect the driver and one on the dashboard for the passenger. Newer cars automatically recognize the presence of the passenger using a sensor placed under the seat.

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