Signal, even the most expert do not know this: it is very dangerous

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Not all road signs are known to the vast majority of people. Even the most experienced, in fact, can sometimes ignore the meaning of some very rare signs to find on the side of the road. Being aware of every signage aspect, however, is essential. In fact, dangers and the risk of incurring heavy administrative penalties are avoided. Which road sign are we referring to specifically? Here’s everything you need to know to never have problems of any kind.

Very dangerous signal
Very dangerous

The Traffic laws rule on all the moves that you are allowed to make or not when you are in your car. In addition, there is a help for users special road signs. These signs indicate prohibitions, limits, obligations and dangers. It becomes essential to know these signals and always respect the moves they impose.

Compliance with the standards limits any risk associated with safety own and of the other people present on the street at that particular moment. It will therefore be advisable, for example, to respect the speed limits, park the car only in the permitted spaces, give priority at crossroads, stop at the stop sign and much more.

Each user is required to respect the Highway Code and to know in detail the meaning of each road sign. As obvious as it is, some of them are particularly well known and known by all, even before taking the driving licence. A no parking sign, a stop sign, a one-way street, for example, are very simple and intuitive signs.

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Furthermore, they are present with particular frequency and, therefore, we are in contact with this type of information and obligations to be respected every day. But that’s not always the case. Indeed, in some cases it will be possible to come across road signs that are little known and rare to find. Being aware of these too, however, is essential.

The risk, in fact, is that of creating dangers and taking away a bit of safety from everyone. What infrequent road sign are we talking about? Here’s everything you need to know about it. From today you will recognize it immediately and you will be able to interpret it at its best.

Respect this road sign: if you don’t do it, you risk a lot

Especially for less widespread cartels, therefore, it can happen to be caught completely off guard. In fact, some signals happen to be studied only during the driving school course, since their actual presence on the road is very rare. After several years, therefore, you may have forgotten their function and meaning. Let’s refresh your memory now on a road sign that always leaves a lot of doubts. Here are the details.

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Auto rickshaw vehicle -
The rickshaw is one of the vehicles involved in the transit ban in question. Here’s what you need to know – Motori.News

We are talking about the signal of ban on the passage of unarmed vehicles. Inside the sign is present a man pulling a handcart. Like all prohibition signs, it has a circular shape, a white background and a red border. But what exactly does it mean?

Article 48 of the Highway Code provides a detailed explanation of which vehicles are affected by the driving ban in the presence of this sign. Here’s what you can read about it: “Hand vehicles are those: a) pushed or pulled by a man on foot; b) driven by the muscular power of the driver himself”.

What means, therefore, fall within this prohibition in the presence of the cartel we are describing? All carts intended for the transport of things or people, pushed by hand, are subject to this prohibition. But that’s not all. In fact, not even other categories of users and “vehicles” can circulate at that point. We are referring to rickshaws, people on skateboards and roller skates, scooters and anyone present at that point on skis or snowboards (this too must be clarified, although it may seem trivial).

Furthermore, many are wondering whether this ban could also affect users who push bicycles or motorbikes by hand. The answer is no. These vehicles are not considered hand vehicles. In the event of a breakdown or puncture, therefore, you can push these vehicles by hand to the nearest garage. It will be advisable, however, to equip yourself with a reflective jacket, in order to keep you and other people safe.

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