Tyres, with €1 you keep them efficient for a long time: you will be surprised

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Tires are generally underestimated and therefore not checked as they should be, wrongly, because they are the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road.

tire maintenance with one euro
Tyres, with €1 you keep them efficient for a long time – motori.news

Especially before embarking on a long journey several km you should check the tires to make sure you are driving or otherwise traveling in a safe vehicle. In any case, the wheels should be checked periodically.

Caring for the vehicle means not just have the mechanical part checked and the electronic one by those responsible but also doing everything possible to keep the tires in excellent condition, always, so as not to risk serious accidents and so on.

How to measure the tread in a simple, practical and fast way

The first thing to check is the tread depthto do this you don’t need to be a professional, much less go to a tire specialist every day, since this check has a cost.

All you need is a €1 or a €2 coin. The diameter of the coin indicates the right measure of the thickness of the tread, so you need to know that in order for everything to be in order once the coin has been placed, the outer crown must not protrude from the tyre.

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If it leaks then you have to replace the tires by law as soon as possible unless you want to risk getting a hefty fine and beyond. The practice is simple and fast, within everyone’s reach.


Here’s how to keep your tires efficient by following the advice of the experts

To keep your tires always efficient by making them last longer than normal, you just need to follow the advice of the experts. These recommend carrying out the detection of the tire pressure at least once a monthwhen cold, because when hot, the measure is altered.

The consequences of a different pressure than that indicated by the manufacturer can cause accidents because the tire loses its grip on the road. A higher pressure causes the tread to wear much faster in the central part.

A lower pressure, on the other hand, wears out the external parts of the tyre, consequently you are still forced to change them even if they are still new, recently fitted.

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A practice common to many motorists, always recommended, is the rotation between the front and rear axles allows you to prevent the wheels that take care of the driving traction are consumed excessively compared to the others.

The process is very simple consists in tire removal, all four. Once disassembled, they must be swapped so that the front ones must be mounted in place of the rear ones and vice versa. All this, every six months, to ensure uniform wear and long tire life.