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Renewal of the license is in theory a quick procedure to take care of: sometimes, however, it risks being refused, here’s in which cases

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Once you have obtained a driving license every 10 years, up to the age of 50, you must proceed to renewal which usually consists of a simple medical examination and the completion of the usual paperwork. After 50, this waiting time is reduced to 5, until it becomes 2 years only when you turn 80.

There are situations where renewal is rejected? Obviously yes and we are referring to those cases in which one of the tests and/or requirements required to proceed with the renewal is not passed. Yes, the evaluation parameters also include the behavior that has been held up to now with one’s driving licence.

Can a license renewal be refused? Yes, that’s in which cases

Let’s start with the obvious. If they exist medical conditions such as to compromise the regular driving of a means of transport, the renewal of the license is very likely to be refused. The same thing happens, albeit for different reasons, in the situation where the driver is recidivist in terms of alcohol and drug abuse and is not yet in a stable condition that can authorize the issue of the new licence.

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Driving license
Driving license – Motori.news

The medical pathologies that can prevent the renewal of the license concern neurological or cardiac disorders. These also include the unsuccessful passing of the eye examination which usually takes place during the renewal: we also add, of course, physical or mental impairments. Some specific cases, on the other hand, require the evaluation of the attending physician to understand if the subject is still able to drive without endangering himself or others.

Wanting to give an example, let’s talk about people who suffer from what is defined as chronic sleepiness which can affect the user even during the day and while carrying out normal daily activities, such as driving a car. In the case of mental illnesses, on the other hand, the evaluation is up to a special medical commission meeting at the offices of the Motor Vehicles.

Among the medical conditions for which a specific medical evaluation is necessary also includes the diabetes mellitus. This chronic disease exposes you to the risk of sudden drops in blood sugar, which cause loss of strength and the risk of unconsciousness. In this case, it will be the diabetologist, and a series of tests, to establish if glycemic control is well compensated and therefore does not constitute a risk for driving.

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Driving license renewal
Driving license renewal – Motori.news

Finally, we close with diseases that affect the heart more, such as arrhythmia, angina and syncope. Here too, a specific evaluation by the doctor is required to be carried out during the renewal phase. In the most serious cases, the issue of the new license is denied until a better condition arrives that can open the door to further evaluation.