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The license is a fundamental document if you want to drive any two or four wheeled vehicle.

license renewal if you are these years everything changes
Renewal of driving license if you are 60 changes everything –

Getting a license isn’t difficult. but not even very easy, what is certain is that you need to commit yourself both in theory and in practice, to learn to drive safely without putting yourself or others at risk.

After having obtained it, you must always behave well to avoid putting it at risk, because a possible withdrawal would represent big problems.

Driving license recommendations

The first thing to do after obtaining the driving license is to keep an eye on the expiry of the document because you must never travel on a motor vehiclewithout or with the expired document.

Those who do so risk fines or even more serious consequences, such as the withdrawal of the vehicle itself. When the license is close to expiry, it must be renewed by contacting the driving school or by going to the relevant motor vehicle with all the required documents.

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Renewal happens for everyone in the same way, but with different timings. For example, in the case of the over 60s, it is necessary to act earlier than those under 50.

That’s when it’s time to renew your license when you turn 60

The renewal of the license can be carried out starting from the fourth month before the expiry. The document must be renewed every 10 years up to the age of 50, every 5 from 50 to 70, and every two years for everyone over 80.

First of all it must be done a payment of €10.20 to the current account 9001 of the Ministry of Transport and then pay the stamp duty of €16 to current account 4028. Immediately afterwards, you pay for the medical examination which costs €25.

As far as documents are concerned, two passport-sized photos must be presented, the two paid slips, an identity card or passport, an expiring driving license, a health card and certifications in the case of eyeglasses and therefore pathologies.

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After undergoing the medical examination, you just have to wait 15 days: within this period the new document is delivered to your home. If the license has already expired, the driving school will provide the user with a replacement certificate, to be shown to the police in the event of a checkpoint.

For further information and clarifications, the toll-free number is always available and can be contacted at any time of the day. Getting informed is essential, because the law is constantly updated. So it can happen to make mistakes due to misinformation.