Traffic, you have no idea what happens if you push this button

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​There’s a button, which can come in handy when you’re stuck in traffic and you’re obviously nervous about the crazy situation you have no idea how to fix.

Traffic –

The button we are talking about is present in all new generation cars and allows you to manage some functions of the vehicle when stationary, removing an extra thought that is a source of stress for all motorists.

Both in the morning when you have to go to work and therefore you are in a hurry, and when you are returning home, finding yourself stuck in traffic for entire minutes is not the best. It is certainly stressful, but the legs and feet are particularly affected, as they have to remain on the pedals for minutes and minutes.

The novelty ready to solve a series of problems and inconveniences that unite all motorists in the world

Standing with your feet on the clutch and brake pedal is not what everyone dreams of doing, especially not after standing up. to walk, a whole day.

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In such circumstances, there are those who, despite everything, keep their feet on the brake and clutch pedals to always be ready to start again and then there are those who instead put the car in neutral and then to start again they engage first gear, accelerate and go.

All this is not needed in new cars, especially not in medium-high range ones where a single button acts as a handbrake. We are talking about the auto hold buttonwhich keeps the vehicle stationary for a long time or as long as needed even if the brake and clutch pedal are released.

What is the auto hold button and which cars already have it

When stopped in traffic, whether on a slope or on flat ground, the button in question solves the problem, so everyone wants it. The problem is that this is an extra feature which, as you can imagine, is expensive to install. For this reason, at least for the moment, only a few vehicles have it.

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Probably in the coming years, however, it will become one of the most widespread functions, therefore it will follow in the wake of all those optionals that were initially paid for and which only the machines of a certain range for example the air conditioning.

And that now they have all the vehicles, basic model. Probably this button, slowly will also replace the handbrake, or the traditional one.