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We all know that parking in a no-parking area is illegal. Anyone who does so risks taking home a very high fine.

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Anyone who owns a car or a motorcycle or any other means will certainly once in their life have parked in a no-parking area, thinking they could run an errand in just a few seconds and leave without being caught.

Unfortunately it is not always possible to complete this operation, it can happen to get the fine, or to find the traffic officer busy writing the fine.

At this point we get lost in small talk in the hope of being able to convince him to turn a blind eye. It is not always possible to obtain a positive result, but trying certainly does not hurt.

Parking in a no-parking zone isn’t always illegal

Here is the good news that surely it will give a joy to those who live in always crowded cities where finding parking is impossible and for those who are always in a hurry.

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From this moment on, it will no longer be necessary to ask the traffic police for any favors, or get lost in chatter with them, because in some cases, despite having parked the car on the no parking, there is no risk of administrative sanctions.

Always in the presence of certain conditions, even if you find the fine unjust, you can request its cancellation. Here’s how, when and why.


That’s when the fine is invalid

You have the possibility to appeal by obtaining a cancellation of the sanction when the no parking is not signaled correctly or when the conditions on the sign indicate particular times.

For example, in general the signal can be valid from 8 to 20:00, so if the car has been parked on the no parking area beyond this time slot, the fine is not valid.

Similarly, no fine should be paid if the no-parking road sign is illegible or discolored because it is old or if it is positioned in a point that is not perfectly visible to users from anywhere along the road. Finally, it is possible to appeal and therefore not pay the fine if the notification of the sanction takes place after 90 days.

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In fact, by law, a fine must be notified within and no later than three months, otherwise whoever receives it has the right to appeal and ask for its cancellation. Not always to avoid fines you need to circumvent the highway code, in some cases like this it can be useful simply to inform yourself properly.