Put a tea bag in the drawer of the car: the reason is crazy

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A tea bag in the car can save the life of many motorists, especially in some particular cases.

Tea bag
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There is nothing more unpleasant of getting into a car that smells musty, damp or worse, old.

This is not particularly inconvenient for the driver of the vehicle, but also for the passengers, especially for those who they welcome themselves inside the vehicle at the last secondto whom one would like to give the utmost hospitality and instead are forced to get into a car that gives off bad smells.

Because the car smells bad

The reason why the car gives off strong, unpleasant odors is probably linked to the fact that the air conditioning and filter maintenance is not carried out as periodically as it should be.

For example, the filter must be replaced at least once every 6 months, because that’s what purifies the air. If you travel a lot of kilometres, it is a good idea to replace it twice a year, otherwise once a year or in any case every 15,000 km travelled.

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If animals get into the car, obviously the cause of the bad smells could be the seats and therefore the upholstery which absorbs unpleasant odors and then releases them over time. Therefore, every time animals are brought into the car, even if for short journeys, it is advisable to wash the vehicle thoroughly.

This does not mean having to turn to it from time to time to professionals, you can solve the problem directly at home. For example, you can vacuum every time they come down to remove the hair, which is already a help, or use a damp, perfumed sponge that absorbs bad smells and blocks them.

Finally, another bad habit can be eating in the car and forgetting bags of food, cans and so on inside. It mostly happens when you spend many hours inside the vehicle for one reason or another.


How the tea bag in the car can be useful

So the first step is to wash the machine both externally and internally, avoiding leaving waste inside, the second is to put a tea bag inside the drawer. In this way, it slowly leaves an incredibly good sweet and delicate scent in the air, becoming a natural deodorant that costs very few cents and has many benefits.

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Depending on the type of tea chosen, there are various advantages because there is that aroma that gives a good dose of energy and vitality and what instead relaxes and unwinds. Choosing is difficult.