BMW Still Makes Parts For Older Cars, Including The M1 Supercar

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Regardless of make and model, cars invariably age. The older they get, the more difficult they become to keep on the road. How do automakers assist classic car owners and make some extra money on the side? By still producing parts for vehicles that went out of production decades ago. BMW has been doing just that for 30 years.

Indeed, BMW Group Classic has been manufacturing parts for older cars since 1994 when the precursor BMW Group Mobile Tradition division was originally established. The name change occurred in 2008. We honestly had no idea that the German luxury marque was in the business of selling car parts for models discontinued many moons ago. For this reason, we decided to chat with a company representative to learn more about what’s what.

According to BMW Group Classic spokesperson Marc Thiesbürger, certain car parts are kept in stock, while others are built to order. If you wish to order a specific component that is not currently available, the lead time will vary based on the type of part, the production capacity of the supplier, and the customer’s location. The company primarily works with European suppliers to keep logistics costs low and minimize emissions generated during transport.

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Oil filters and spark plugs are the most popular products ordered by owners of classic and vintage BMWs. Usually, the hottest items are smaller working parts. The Munich-based marque calls these freshly built parts reproductions. To our surprise, there are still original parts that were manufactured back in the day. A dedicated section of BMW Group Classic’s website lists the items available, and yes, the M1 (E26) is there. You can buy a latch striker for both doors of BMW’s one and only mid-engined supercar.

There are reproduction parts for cars as old as the 02 Series launched in the latter half of the 1960s. Items vary from door handles and an intake tube to a chrome exhaust finisher and a hazard light switch. BMW offers support for the New Six (E3) as well, cars that were offered around the same time. The original 3 Series (E21), 5 Series (E12), and 7 Series (E23) sedans are listed as well, and so is the gorgeous Z8 (E52) roadster.

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There’s no comprehensive list of prices available as they vary significantly from one country to another, especially considering the differing tax rates worldwide. These parts are available directly at BMW dealers as well as at certified BMW Group Classic partners. Most of these shops are based in Europe but there are also a few in Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Aside from supplying car parts, the company also operates a dedicated workshop in Munich at the BMW Group Classic’s headquarters. Older cars can be serviced there, and Marc Thiesbürger told us owners can receive assistance while restoring a beloved old bimmer.