Porsche 911 GTS Facelift Spied Exercising Hybrid Powertrain In Germany

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In the spirit of transparency, we can’t be entirely sure this is an updated Porsche 911 GTS. We haven’t seen one yet with a big ol’ fixed wing at the back, but it rides on center-lock wheels and lacks the side intakes of the Turbo. It also lacks the hood and front fascia of the 911 GT3, and those are the only other models fitted with such wheels. Unless Porsche is bringing center-lock wheels to something else, we’re left with GTS.

There’s another aspect to this new set of Porsche spy photos to consider. The round yellow sticker on the back window identifies this 911 as a hybrid. That means more power than you’d normally find on the GTS, which is 473 hp from its twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter engine. Exactly how much more is obviously a mystery, as Porsche isn’t ready to talk about it just yet. That said, our sources believe it won’t be a plug-in affair seen on other models like the Panamera, which can reach upwards of 700 hp and run on electric power alone. Instead, this will utilize a mild system focused more on performance as opposed to efficiency.

As for styling, we can see Porsche’s new headlights, which look much like the old ones though these will have new internal structures that incorporate amber turn signals. There are also upgrades to the lower fascia, notably with squared-off corner vents though clever black tape likely hides angles at the edges. The center grille is larger here, offering better cooling which would make sense for a hybrid system requiring a battery.

The camouflaged rear looks much as it did with our previous 911 GTS prototype sighting from April 2023. Exhaust outlets are closer together in the center, though it’s possible we could still be looking at a test-spec rear fascia. There’s a considerable amount of black tape all over the place, and with the fixed wing at the top, Porsche could be experimenting with different aero packages. We’ve certainly seen such testing before, some of which never materialized in production form.

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It’s been nearly a year since our first facelifted GTS sighting, and our spy sources believe we will see a full reveal before the end of 2023.