The Best Spy Shots For The Week Of December 5th

Posted on post spyshots of upcoming vehicles most days and sometimes more often than that. If you want to stay up to date with what’s going on, check out our quick list of development vehicles from last week.

The refreshed Buick Encore GX has made its debut in China. However, this one is on its way in the US without a hint of camouflage.

The refreshed Cadillac XT4 received a significantly updated nose. The camouflage suggests there have been smaller tweaks to the rear.

The updated Lincoln Aviator appears to have a redesigned grille in the style of Corsair. The headlights also look different. There seems to be minor changes to the taillights as well.

The latest generation EQA electric sedan uses a lot of camouflage. It seems to have a sharp style.

Mercedes is also preparing a refresher for the existing EQA. There seems to be minor changes to the nose and taillights.

The electric EQV van also has a few updates on the way. Tweaks include updated headlights.

The four-door Mercedes-AMG GT receives an updated lower fascia.

Peugeot is working on a new 3008. It seems to have a generally seamless style. At the rear, the company hides a sleek roofline with panels that distort the shape of the section.

Porsche is getting ready to electrify the 718 Boxster. The headlight styling seems to be taking cues from the Taycan. The company placed a fake exhaust in the rear bumper.

The Porsche 911 ST will be a special edition model that takes inspiration from the racing variants of the 1970s.

The entire 911 lineup has a refresh, including the GT3. For now, Porsche has only modified the rear.

And, here comes the updated Touring 911 GT3. As with the standard version, Porsche has only tweaked the tail for now.

Here’s a look inside the upcoming Macan EV. The shot provides a good view of the screen layout.

VW is working on a new Tiguan, but doesn’t want people to see it. To hide the model, the development team dressed up the body like the current model.