Cadillac Ranks Low In J.D. Power In Simmer ’23 U.S. Website Evaluation

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Cadillac ranks below average in JD Power’s annual US Summer 2023 Website Evaluation, which takes into account how satisfied buyers are with a particular automaker’s online experience.

When compiling the research results, JD Power surveyed participants in four areas, including information and content; visual appeal; navigation; and speed. Responses to this summer’s study were collected from 10,202 new-vehicle buyers who indicated they would be actively seeking a new vehicle in the next 24 months. The study, conducted between April and May 2023, rated each car brand on a 1,000-point scale.

Study back that the average score in the premium segment is 724. Cadillac gets a score of 721, the luxury marque ranks 12thth of 16 automakers in the premium segment, near the bottom of the list. That’s better than Tesla, which scored 720; Events with a score of 699; Audi with 689 points; and Volvo with 689. However, the luxury marque ranks just below Maserati’s score of 722, and is also beaten by cross-town rival Lincoln, which clocks in at 723.

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At the top, Alfa Romeo outperformed the competition with a score of 755, followed by BMW’s score of 749, and Infiniti with 745 points, rounding out the top three. Across the industry, the study found that satisfaction with manufacturer websites has increased since 2022. The premium segment’s 724-point average represents a two-point increase over last year’s study results.

“Website satisfaction is subject to change and automotive websites are not immune to changing preferences,” said Jon Sundberg, director of digital solutions at JD Power. “However, manufacturers have proven to be very agile when it comes to website design and ensuring their sites meet modern standards, more so than many other industries, as the study data exemplifies.”

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