Cadillac Ranks Average In 2023 J.D. Power China Tech Experience Index

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Cadillac was ranked average in the 2023 J.D. Power China Tech Experience Index, placing 5th out of 10 competitors in the luxury vehicle space.

The Tech Experience Index study (TXI), which is now in its fourth consecutive year, evaluates new vehicle owners’ perception of 30 “advanced” technologies and and eight “basic” technologies when first introduced to the market. Automakers are graded on a 1,000-point scale, with a higher score indicating that a particular automaker introduced and marketed said technologies more effectively than competitors with lower scores.

This year’s average for the luxury segment was 539 points. Cadillac’s score of 538 points places it just shy of the segment average, while still outperforming key rivals. Mercedes-Benz led the segment with 574 points, followed by Cadillac’s crosstown rival, Lincoln, in second with 557 points.  BMW placed third with 545 points, Land Rover with 544 points, followed by Cadillac in fifth. Audi performed worse than Cadillac, tying with Volvo for 514 points. Fujian Benz – Mercedes’ commercial vehicle operations, Lexus and Porsche brought up the rear, with 511, 508 and 505 points, respectively. 

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The study found that built-in online navigation system and intelligent voice assistant are two technologies that have the highest awareness, meaning that automakers do a good job marketing them to potential customers. Meanwhile, overall quality of technologies has improved, finding an average of 30.1 problems per 100 vehicles reported, a slight decrease of 2.3 problems year-over-year. However, complaints about user-friendliness and understandability have increased for the second consecutive year as technology gets more complicated.

Elvis Yang, general manager of auto product practice at J.D. Power China, said, “For automakers, installing advanced technologies in their vehicles does not necessarily mean that owners’ user tech experience will be positive. Finding what technologies owners really want and presenting them in a way they can easily be used will improve their tech experience.”

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