after the falls he will change his strategy

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Pecco Bagnaia readmits his personal mistakes and replies to some media observations on the eve of the Jerez GP.

I'm sorry Bagnaia
Pecco Bagnaia – Motors.News

Defending champion Pecco Bagnaia will try to change his racing approach after the last two crashes in Argentina and in the United States.

Pecco Bagnaia after the two crashes

Two crashes in the last two races, second place in the standings and a world title to defend. I’m sorry Bagnaia arrives in Jerez de la Frontera with a good load of pressure, because after the double victory in the debut race in Portimao, he has collected a 6th place and a crash in Termas de Rio Hondo, a victory in the Texan Sprint Race and another slip . At least 45 points gone up in smoke, there’s plenty of time to recover, but making mistakes will be forbidden.

Francis Bagnaia
Francesco Bagnaia – Motors.News

At the end of Austin GP he had pointed his finger at his bike, before turning around and admitting that it was better not to make hot statements. All clarified inside the Ducati garage, but now a good result is needed immediately to lift the spirits and get back in the running for the MotoGP title. The clarification requested with the technicians was there, the telemetry data are irrefutable. “The potential of our bike must remain the same and I need to understand the situation better“.

A different racing approach

The 2022 season also started slowly, with a series of crashes that forced him to recover 91 points in the second part of the World Cup. However, Pecco Bagnaia does not want to repeat the same mistake, nor dust off the old demons. This time the situation is different Desmosedici GP23 he has everything under control and in the winter preseason small steps forward have been made without upsetting last year’s excellent base. “The bike is much more competitive, whereas last year it wasn’t like that. My sensations have improved: I have to understand her better in certain situations“.

The mistakes have not compromised his self-confidence and when reminded of the recent crashes in the last two Grands Prix, while he was in the top positions, he replies: “And how many races have I won that I have led? I don’t think there is a right answer to this question. My ‘normal’ win is in the lead, pushing and controlling the distance. This is my way to win“.

In hindsight maybe he should have changed his strategy in Texas when Alex Rins was at his heels. “Maybe I need to start working on a new approach. It would have been better to let Alex through and see what happened. But I’ve been winning like this since my Moto2 days and I’ve never had problems with lack of concentration or performance. So I don’t think I’m going to crash because I’m in the lead“.