Fabio Quartararo and Miguel Oliveira, the bang that relaunches the controversy

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MotoGP Sunday marked by the Quartararo-Oliveira bang. The subsequent sanctions reignite the controversy against the Stewards.

Quartararo-Oliveira, sanctions and controversy – MotoriNews

The MotoGP weekend at Jerez it was marked not only by the excellent form of the Ducatis and KTMs. Both the Sprint and the long race started with accidents scary. If in the first the pilots have not reported consequences, the second between Fabio Quartararo And Miguel Oliveira caused another physical trouble to the latter. But that’s not all: the two Yamaha boys were fined for the incident. Another speech by Stewards that no one has digested, not even the other MotoGP guys. Then one turns back on controversy started from the first GP 2023.

Oliveira, more trouble

Let’s start, however, with the physical situation of the rider currently more bad lucky of the category. Miguel Oliveira was pulled down in the first GP, staying out also for the second. He’s back in Austin, now here he comes again mowed. Fabio Quartararo, although in pain, gets up and can continue, the Portuguese rider however is not. He indeed comes evacuated on a stretcher and immediately taken to the Medical Center, with severe pain in his left arm. The response speaks of shoulder dislocation, a problem promptly resolved by the medical staff, but the hope is that it ended there. The first checks ruled out other injuries, including fractures, but Oliveira primarily wants it certainty. So others are needed check, but this time in the hospital, to be sure that there is nothing else. Incredible bad luck for Oliveira, potentially already on the podium with the Aprilia, if he hadn’t been knocked down…

“There is no consistency”

But this renews them controversy against the Stewards and not just for this episode. The Quartararo-Oliveira incident was not the only sanctioned episode. The first took a Long Lap Penalty (doubled due to a serious driver error), exactly like Morbidelli for Saturday’s bang. Yamaha is furiousTalks about “fines too heavy”, but has the rest of the MotoGP grid with it. Pecco Bagnaia was later penalized for overtaking Miller with the drop one position. “It was tough, but correct” the latter said, puzzled then for the penalty. But it is the MotoGP champion himself who is the spokesman for the general malaise. “We requested a meeting with the Stewards. There is no consistencynot only in MotoGP but also in the other categories” remarked Bagnaia. “We want to know why some decisions and also have our say.” The meeting will be at Le Mans in two weeks. Something has to change.