“I almost cried”

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Difficult period for the Aprilia boys. Raul Fernandez has admitted the big physical problem that is affecting him.

The pains of the Aprilia rider – MotoriNews

In home Aprilia they are not having an easy time. It’s not just about the house in Noale, who dreamed big last season MotoGP, still failed to scratch. We also have to deal with the physical problems that are affecting the two boys of the satellite team. To the misfortunes of Miguel Oliveira are added the troubles of Raul Fernandez. In fact, the Spaniard of RNF Aprilia still had to grit his teeth in Jerez to reach the finish line. The temptation to stop earlier, however, was strong…

The pains of the Aprilia rider

It’s not the first GP he’s been with a clench the teeth. Just archived the fourth round of the year, but Fernandez has had this problem for a while now. And unfortunately for him it is getting worse constantly. This time, however, it wasn’t just a Grand Prix, the RNF Aprilia standard-bearer in fact also had to compete in a test day immediately after the races in Jerez. He tried everything, turning to Quiron (successor of the historic Clinica Mobile), but to no avail. So he had to do the possiblebut up to a certain point in the eight hours of tests available. You always have to ride a lot to try your best on an Aprilia that has yet to be discovered, but he could do a maximum of 3-4 consecutive laps. Fernandez was then forced to stop, unable to go any further: his right arm he didn’t cooperate any more than that, so he had to let him rest before being able to leave again. Despite everything, the official tests went well, but something needs to be done.

Fernandez thought about it

The arm was already quite heavy from the effort made in the previous days. By now you have figured it out, we are talking about the note compartment syndrome, the big problem for motorcyclists. During the GP, without exaggerating, it was a real odyssey. “I tried so hard. But when there were 12 laps to go, I finally got around to it almost started crying admitted the RNF Aprilia rider. “I wanted to get off the bike and stop.” He eventually made it to the finish line, but clearly no miracles could be expected. The points zone was a mirage exactly like in the Sprint, completing a double zero which is not good for morale. There are about ten days left until the next GP, Fernandez knows that he can’t go on like this: the next ones check they will tell him what to do.