You only need 10€ to fix the hole on the radiator: anything but mechanical

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Cars always need care and maintenance, because even just a hole in the radiator, neglected, can be a source of problems that in the long run end up becoming serious and jeopardizing the use of the vehicle.

radiator hole

However today all of us can be afraid of repairs as they are more and more expensive due to the economic crisis that has been afflicting us for years, what needs to be checked must also be repaired quickly if it has problems of any kind.

The neglected radiator, which shows a hole, albeit very small, is a problem because this causes the piece not to work or it works inadequately.

Radiator leak how to check

In some cases, all you have to do is ask for help from a professional who obviously knows what to do and where to put your hands to avoid further damage it or in any case not to create other damages. In others you can intervene in do-it-yourself mode in seconds.

To repair a radiator without spending a single cent, directly in front of the house or in the garage, the first thing you need to be sure of is the procedure to follow. So in the meantime it is important to be able to recognize the symptoms of the radiator leak.

Radiator leaks usually occur when coolant levels get too low. We understand that the radiator is not working well because they simply lie on the ground right patches of antifreeze under the vehicle.

If there are no leaks, to be 100% sure, start the car, run the engine until it reaches temperature. At this point any Leaks in the sleeves are immediately noticeable.

After inspecting the entire radiator, check the clamps to see if they are loose or they are in the right position.


How to close the hole and eliminate the annoying leak

Once the leak has been identified, remove the radiator clamp, passing only a little tape around the pipe. If the leak should come from inside the radiator, it is advisable to use a “leak stopper”, which goes to seal the area route. The solution must be applied with the engine stopped and above all cold.

The stopper must be inserted inside, so as soon as the radiator cap is closed you only have to run the engine for a good 15 minutes to make it take effect and the problem is solved. In a few minutes and without much difficulty the problem was solved with a cost of 10 euros, among other things without even asking for help from a professional.