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Car wipers are essential because when we are driving the car, they allow us to see clearly and to keep other cars and the road under control, aiming only at driving safety.

Damaged windshield wipers
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The new cars are equipped with some cutting-edge electronic systems, which allow you to drive safely in any weather condition and always have a clean windscreen as well as perfectly efficient wipers at all times.

Unfortunately, windshield wipers sometimes get ruined quickly, because they are not used as they should, but in the most wrong way ever. For this reason, first of all, one should inquire in order to know from which mistakes it would be best to keep away from.

Windshield wipers not working perfectly, that’s what happens

Actually not many know that the solution to malfunctioning windshield wipers, it is not the replacement of the same. This is because sometimes you can do something more, simple and practical, which allows you to save a lot of money by making them practically new again.

The wiper is formed by the rigid arm and the blade which is divided into frame and rubber. The gummed part that cleans the glass must always be intact, perfect. If it’s ruined, it starts leaving streaks make driving dangerousbecause the visibility is not perfect.

If the brushes that come into contact with the glass make noise, then they are no longer gripping as they should. Generally, even in this case, the replacement is evaluated, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Let’s see how to behave in this case.

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What to do to recover the wipers that still have a pinch of life expectancy

The first thing to know is that before turning on the wipers, check and verify that there is water in the tank with washer fluid, because the wiper blades should never be used with dry glass otherwise they will get damaged.

If you are in a place where often ice forms or snow is present, is better lift the windshield wipers and keep them up to prevent them from sticking to the glass because in this case, they are problems.

Finally, if the windshield wipers squeak or leave lines, before thinking about replacing it, it is advisable to make an attempt to recover them to see if they can still be used for some other time.

You just have to straighten them by pulling them back towards your body and then put them back in the right position. This way they last longer and if they can be recovered, they recover.