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Dorna and MSMA will have to discuss the MotoGP technical regulations in the coming months, but stormy meetings are expected.

MotoGP Grand Prix (Ansa)
MotoGP Grand Prix – Motori.News

In previous years there have been quite lively meetings within the MSMA extension (builders association). Several times Ducati ended up in the crosshairs, with its dear wingtips, the “spoon” on the rear swingarm which for many had an aerodynamic meaning, but not for the data well prepared by the Italian brand. Last year, the holeshot device at the front raised a fuss, then banned by the competition with the support of Dorna.

A decision that has never fallen to Ducati and in particular to its strategist Gigi Dall’Igna, very good at moving in the gray area of ​​the regulation without ever violating it. By the end of 2023, the five manufacturers will have to find maximum agreement on the technical regulation for the five-year period 2023-2027. Carmelo EzpeletaCEO of Dorna, would already have clear ideas and has filed a basic program, as anticipated by the specialized site

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The new MotoGP technical rules

Carmelo Ezpeleta (Ansa)
Carmelo Ezpeleta – Motors.News

Sleep and the Motorcycle Sports Manufacturers’ Association (MSMA) will finalize the rules for 2027-2031. It is now established that all prototypes will be powered by 100% synthetic biofuel. The debate on the other rules is expected to be long and tortuous, but the lowest common denominator will once again be cost containment. And there shouldn’t be an increase in the full speedwith Jorge Martin setting the absolute record by touching 363.6 km/h in 2022 on the Mugello circuit.

Among Dorna’s proposals is a possible reduction in engine capacity and a clear rejection of hybrid bikes. Ducati had come forward on this last point, which can count on advanced technology resulting from the partnership with Audi Sport which is preparing to enter F1. But the other manufacturers will certainly be against it and therefore nothing can be done about it. There is also a ban on holeshot devices at the rearbut keeping the flaps because they are now also used on production sports bikes.

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on the front ofaerodynamics development would have to be halted or limited to avoid extensive and costly wind tunnel testing. To reject a Dorna proposal, the manufacturers’ unanimity will be needed, vice versa Dorna can reject a proposal made by all the MotoGP brands. Whether the engine capacity will be reduced from 1000cc is still an open question. However, Carmelo Ezpeleta was very clear on one point, as there are no hybrid systems on production bikes: “We are against hybrid engines in the MotoGP class“.