Quality Issues Resolved, Cadillac Lyriq Units Now Shipping

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The Cadillac Lyriq begins rolling off the assembly line at its Spring Hill plant in Tennessee in March 2022, and the luxury marque’s first all-electric luxury crossover units begin arriving at US dealers months later in July. In fact, a total of 8,195 Lyriq units rolled off the assembly line in 2022, but only 122 units shipped during the 2022 calendar year in the US. Cadillac Society have learned not only the reason for the substantial difference between the numbers, but also that Lyriq shipments will soon increase.

First, the reason for the substantial difference between the number of Lyriqs produced and delivered in 2022 is the quality restraint Cadillac places on the units produced. This quality suspension prevents some pre-assembled Lyriqs from being shipped to dealers from the Spring Hill factory, as well as landed Lyriqs (which have already arrived at dealers) from being shipped to customers.

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When the Lyriq started rolling out, the luxury marque chose to hold the model shipped to customers to fully address quality issues, including a cracked liftgate panel and issues with the curved 33-inch instrument panel display. Fortunately, this quality suspension was recently lifted, Cadillac Society has learned. That means built units are now shipped to dealers, who in turn will be able to ship them to customers rather than waiting for the quality hold to be lifted before doing so.

As a reminder, the Lyriq uses the marque’s luxury BEV3 platform, and features Ultium battery and Ultium Drive technology.

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