€1 in the car door, the coin trick is all the rage: be careful

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Almost all motorists over the past few years have had a €1 coin stuck in their car door.

Car door
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As strange as it may seem, you have to be careful, because it is a rather bizarre method used by bad guys who try to steal the vehicle or whatever they see inside, and unfortunately it works.

It’s a trick now quite popular among criminals, because it is simple to put into practice and reduces the risk of being caught really to a minimum.

Anyone at the moment is looking for the best ways to earn without actually working. Therefore, if you have a car or even more vehicles, it is advisable to pay attention even to where you leave them parked, especially in the evening and therefore at night.

The €1 coin trick works, here’s how

To put this trick into practice just insert a €1 coin in the car door and that’s it. Once the door is closed, it actually stays open, but the owner doesn’t notice it so he leaves. Meanwhile the offenders can do as they please, especially at night.

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At night they act undisturbed within seconds, no one notices anything, the next day the vehicle owner finds himself having to file a complaint.

When you leave your vehicle to go to school or to go to work, once you get back you have to observe it carefully in detail, pausing on the doors and wheels to see if something is wrong.

For example, some attacker proceeds to fit an empty bottle between the wheel and the wheel arch to ensure that the driver gets off hearing the noise, allowing the theft to take place automatically.


What to do if you notice that something is wrong

In the event that you realize that something is wrong, it is best to contact the police. The coin method slowly spread throughout Italy. To date the advantage of social media and the internet, it is just that.

Any news spreads immediately, it spreads like wildfire, so everyone is called to pay attention. Letting out even just one detail can be synonymous with serious consequences.

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If you realize that a €1 or €2 handle has been stuck on the door, rather than taking it off and getting into the car and then driving away, you are advised to call the police without leaving the place, so as not to leave space for the criminals to intervene and do what they want.