Watch This Obscure Mitsubishi Sports Car Get Its First Wash In 12 Years

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The Mitsubishi Starion has fallen into relative obscurity, and we think that’s a shame. The rear-drive, four-seat, turbocharged coupe was a staple of affordable 1980s performance, with boxy fender flares and a manual transmission. This one’s been sitting forgotten in a garage for the past 12 years. Now, it’s finally getting the attention it deserves.

The folks at WD Detailing took the time to recover the car from its dusty slumber and take it back to their shop for a full cosmetic restoration. While the dust and grime caked to the exterior aren’t great, the real disaster lies in the cabin. 


Years of neglect has allowed mold to completely envelop every inch of the interior, from the dashboard, to the seats, to the shift knob. The smell is bad enough for the WD Detailing team to start coughing as soon as the door is cracked open. A thorough scrub is in order, then.

The WD Detailing team dons masks, removes the front seats, and gets to cleaning the carpet and the rear bench. There’s a thick layer of mold on every surface, so it takes a good deal of product and elbow grease to get everything looking like new. When everything is eventually cleaned, it’s like the mold was never there. 

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Same goes for the exterior. A rinse followed by a wash and polish is enough to get this Starion looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor, despite not seeing the light of day for over a decade. When the WD Detailing team shows the finished car to its owner, a parts supplier for Starion enthusiasts, he’s understandably shocked by its condition. Considering his profession, we’re sure it won’t take long for this car to get back up and running.