Silica gel, never throw it away: leave a sachet in the car

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Silica gel is often found in the form of sachets inside bags or inside shoe boxes. Generally we throw it away because we are convinced that it is useless.

Silica gel
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Over the years, the thought has emerged according to which these sachets are actually bad. In reality, quite the opposite has been amply demonstrated in a short time.

The silica gel sachet, strange as it may seem, they can come in handy in so many ways both at home that out. For example, they can help dry a smartphone that has fallen into the water, bringing it back to life even when everything seems to be lost.

Silica gel, how to use it at home to get great benefits

But be careful because what is really important is the following use, ready to work real miracles. The silica gel can keep mold away even from the furniture and beyond.

It is super effective for removing stubborn stains from appliances such as the oven, which we sometimes use every day but don’t clean regularly. adequate manner.

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The same goes for the cooker which can be not only thoroughly cleaned and degreased but also polished. Finally the frying pans, even if ruined they can come back like new in just one pass. L’the only thing to pay attention to is the use of the correct sponge which must not be excessively rough.

Silica gel

The use of silica gel sachets in the car

The silica gel sachets can also be used in the car, placed on the dashboard of the car, they are used to defoam the windows and to prevent them from damaging misting when there is too much temperature difference between inside and outside or while it’s raining.

The action is immediate. Silica gel can also be useful placed in the gym bag to contest the humidity of the towels within minutes they stink.

They are even ideal for protecting the seeds to be planted, which remain perfect over time. A single sachet placed in a vase of flowers, it even keeps the flowers from drying out.

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While inside the wardrobes it manages to reduce the formation of humidity due to which there is a risk that the clothes smell due to condensation or humidity especially when the wardrobes they are placed in damp rooms.

To conclude, a single sachet of silica gel can solve many problems even in the kitchen where there is a lot of humidity due to turning on the stove.