Neighbors used to wonder why, now they’ve all started doing it – unbelievable

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We all know that neighbors don’t miss a thing. Even if it seems that they are not present, they are there and realize everything from the most trivial to the most important.

Bag on the windshield
Bag on the

In this case the neighbors realized that a family did a particular thing every day before leaving the house, absurd at first glance.

Over time they realized that it is not about u at allstrangeness but a healthy habit ready to solve many problems especially in winter.

The trick that the neighbors have studied for a long time solves life

After discovering the trick Neighbors have all started doing it. It’s the trick of the freezer bag filled with tap water and then passed over the entire frozen windshield before driving off to work or school.

The neighbors who have seen it done every day will probably be dazed, only to realize that it actually is a practice that absolutely cannot be renounced because it saves lives.

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That’s what this practice is for

The bag filled with hot water and then passed on the windows and windshield of the car has its own reason. When you find your car glass completely fogged up in the morning, you don’t have much to do but wait for it to clear with the air conditioning on which means consuming much more fuel and wasting a lot of time.

Or clean it up with your hands and lots of elbow grease. Which is certainly not pleasant in the early morning, having come out of the warm sheets or after a beautiful relaxing shower.

To avoid doing this, you can just take the bag of water not hot, lukewarm, and place it on top of the windshield. At this point wait a few minutes, the bag does everything by itself, through the heat it goes to free the glass from ice or snow or simply from humidity, so you can start again.

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The solution was shown by a user on Tik Tok and then it was performed by all his followers who today admit that they can no longer do without it. So from now on the frozen windshield shouldn’t be seen as an enemy, but as an inconvenience which, however, can be solved in a few seconds.

Alternatively, you can also use an old towel that you dip into the water and the salt, then place it on the windows in the evening before going to sleep and close the doors. In this way the windshield does not freeze because the salt lowers the point of freezing of water and therefore of humidity.