Car, this is the cheapest in the world: you pay only 1469€

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Today we tell you the incredible story of the cheapest car in the world: today it would cost you less than 1500 euros

Auto, this is the cheapest in the world
Auto, this is the cheapest in the world – Motori.News

Is called Nanny Dwarf and holds the record for cheapest car in the world. Produced by the Indian car manufacturer Tata Motors between March 2009 and 2018, this particular and iconic car was only sold in the local market and neighboring countries at a price of 100,000 rupees equivalent to around 1500 euros.

The basic idea of ​​the designers was to give life to one super-utility that it could find space among the less well-off classes: a goal that is confirmed after all by the very low price for a new car, practically within the reach of all budgets. Despite this, the Nano was not the desired success and in 2018 it was decided to put the project aside after nine years of trying.

The story of the Tata Nano, the cheapest car in the world

Talk of this car had begun in 2003, when the Tata engineers hypothesized the launch of a car with a total final price of around 4000 euros. Over time, the project has evolved by focusing on total savings and a concept that actually took over the European cars of the 70swith the only difference represented by emissions worthy of the contemporary era.

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The first model of Tata Nano
The first model of Tata Nano –

The idea of ​​launching such an economical car came from the desire to dissuade less well-off citizens from the almost compulsive purchase of mopeds and the like that were deemed more dangerous than a normal car.

The Tata Nano is a car approved for four people with a body measuring 3.1 meters in length, 1.5 meters in width and 1.60 in height: the engine is a small 30 HP twin-cylinder which is located just below the rear trunk. The tailgate is welded, which is why the luggage area can be accessed directly from the inside.

In the first version, the bodywork was made in Body on Frame with steel frame, fuel tank placed on the front and essential instrumentation with only the fuel reserve light, oil and speedometer. Single wiperno power steering, manual windows and optional air conditioning.

In an attempt to remedy the shortcomings of seniority that made themselves felt very soon, in May 2015 a new version called Nanny GenX Nanothe last in fact to be produced.

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Nanny GenX Nano
The Nanny GenX Nano –

The leaders of the Indian company have worked on a total restyling of the car, both for the interior and for what concerns the exterior. The intention was to give the car a sportier yet elegant look. The range made it possible to choose between 21 set-ups for a de facto “new” car which presented itself with numerous improvements at the mechanical level.

So we have the fifth gearthe possibility of choosing a semi-automatic gearbox, electric brake booster and modern options such as the radio compatible with bluetooth devices and theair conditioning. For the higher models, you could even ask for alloy wheels. However, it was not enough and in 2018 it was decided to end production.