Cadillac Dewi Returns After 60 Years Absence, Now At Celestiq EV

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Back in the day – and we mean that method back, during the 30s – the bonnet ornament became a symbol of style and luxury after the radiator-mounted temperature gauge became obsolete. The Cadillac goddess was one of them, present in the automaker’s vehicles from 1933 to 1956.

While it also appeared briefly in the limited-run Eldorado Brougham in 1959, Cadillac Goddess was non-existent afterward – at least until the American marque introduced a production version of the flagship EV Celestiq. This all-new model hosts the return of the Goddess – renovated for the 21st century and now the inspiration for the next generation of Cadillac vehicles, leading the brand into an all-electric future.

GM Design Sculptor Richard Wiquist is the man behind the new Cadillac Goddess. With the 1933 Goddess as the benchmark, it is completely hand-sculpted and creates a “wing” impression with its intricate, flowing draperies. It is a design element that represents the future of Cadillac.

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Since hood ornaments are out of vogue these days (at least with Cadillacs), the return of the Goddess is coming in a modern form. One of these is found on the front quarter panel – a trim piece milled from billet aluminum, encasing the Goddess printed in glass.

The Goddess also appears while charging the Celestiq EV. This will serve as a visual cue when starting and ending the charging process.

Inside, the Cadillac Goddess is found in the infotainment controller. It’s also encased in glass and stands as a centerpiece of the backlit interior that stays upright (the aluminum dial rotates independently).

“Celestiq is the forerunner of the future of Cadillac, conveying the artistic innovation the brand has brought to luxury electric vehicles,” said Bryan Nesbitt, executive director of Cadillac Design. “We wanted this flagship EV to embody the significant legacy of the brand in a truly meaningful way, with the Goddess representing the absolute pinnacle of Cadillac workmanship.”

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