This Cadillac CT5 Has A Hood Ornament, And It Looks Ridiculous

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One of the things that sets vintage Cadillac models apart from other luxury models is their hood ornament, which features a wreath and the Cadillac crest protruding from the front of the bonnet, proudly proclaiming its heritage. The luxury marque ditched the hood ornament nearly two decades ago, but the Cadillac CT5 pictured here seems stuck in the past, with its garland and crest ornaments jutting out from the hood.

Not much is known about this particular Cadillac CT5, or why its owner decided to add the hood ornament. The caddy crest ornament seen here was first introduced for the 1963 model year and went through several minor iterations before being replaced by the current crest without wreath in 2014. Both logos can be seen on this CT5, offering a visible contrast between the two.

In fact, the last Cadillac to feature the hood ornament seen on this CT5 was a 2000 to 2005 Cadillac DeVille, which begs the question – what model was the donor of this hood ornament? Whatever the case, it’s a pretty odd accessory for this CT5, which sports a sleek, modern styling that doesn’t quite fit the aftermarket trappings.

Cadillac “Goddess” statue

Adding another twist to this story is the fact that Cadillac is currently in the process of reviving the hood ornament, albeit in a very limited capacity. The luxury marque recently brought back “The Goddess,” a motif of a woman in a flowing robe that was first used as a hood ornament in the 1930s before being retired in 1956. Though not attached to the hood like its predecessor, the Goddess can be found throughout the Cadillac Celestiq, the luxury marque’s battery-electric flagship sedan.

Handcrafted Plaque with Cadillac Goddess on the 2024 Cadillac Celestiq

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