Watch This Forgotten Mercedes SL Get Its First Wash In Two Decades

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This Mercedes-Benz SL convertible has been sitting forgotten in storage for two decades. Thanks to the folks at WD Detailing, it’s finally getting another chance at life.

The WD Detailing team was invited by the owner to retrieve this 450SL, allowing them to extract it from the hidden garage where it spent decades untouched, gathering dust and mold. After moving the car to its cleaning facility, the team discovers the extent of the caked-on grime.


Even after an initial rinse, this V-8-powered SL’s paint is still coated in a thick layer of gross dirt. It takes a thorough scrubbing to get everything off. Even after the dirt is gone, the WD team finds numerous specs of tar stuck the hood. Clearly this car hasn’t received the attention it deserves.

Aside from another thick layer of dust, the interior seems to be in surprisingly good shape, considering the neglect. There aren’t any big mold spots or rat’s nests to be found. We bet having the windows rolled up throughout its life in storage had a lot to do with the fairly solid condition.

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While the engine bay looks complete, the WD Detailing team makes no attempt to start this SL. We think it’s for the best; these cars were equipped with Bosch’s K-Jetronic fuel injection system, which is notoriously tough to fix and tune. 

We hope whoever owns this SL will take it to a professional and get it back on the road. It’s the only fate this car deserves.