This 281-HP Ford Transit Is the Coolest Work Van You Can Buy

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This decked-out Transit isn’t the bonkers Ford Supervan that set a Pikes Peak record, but it is a van you can buy. Sold through Ford Pro in the UK, it’s offered as a commercial vehicle fitted with Ford Pro software aimed at business and fleet use. But it has a body kit, bigger wheels, and if you opt for the electric version, a bit more horsepower. And if you’re interested in more utility, there’s a sporty new Ranger, too.

The upgrades come from MS-RT, which is connected to Ford’s rally racing efforts at M-Sport. As such, the Transit Custom MS-RT gets a gnarly front fascia with big corner vents and an integrated chin spoiler. It blends with side skirts and a rear fascia using an integrated diffuser, all of which give the Transit a lower look without modifying the suspension. It’s a couple of inches wider thanks to big fender flares that contain 19-inch wheels, shod with 235/45-series Goodyears that Ford says are sporty but still commercial-rated. This is a work van after all.

Buyers can choose from a range of exciting exterior colors, and inside, you’ll find bolstered MS-RT sport seats covered in non-animal leather and suede. Depending on the type of work you’re doing, the Transit can be fitted with just a single seat for the driver or up to five, all in the same MS-RT style. There aren’t any mechanical upgrades to speak of, but the electric E-Transit in MS-RT trim gets a power boost to 281 hp.

Meanwhile, the Ranger MS-RT does have mechanical upgrades. Billed as “the ultimate street truck” by Ford, it has firmer dampers up front and a retuned rear suspension for a 1.5-inch drop all around. Combined with a body kit, big fender flares, and 21-inch wheels – the widest ever offered on Ranger, according to Ford – the MS-RT work truck exudes a serious street-truck vibe. As for being the “ultimate” street truck, we suspect the GMC Syclone, second-generation Ford F-150 Lightning, or the Ram SRT-10 might have something to say about that.

“If Ranger Raptor is the ultimate off-road truck, then the Ranger MS-RT is the ultimate street truck,” said Hans Schep, general manager of Ford Pro Europe. “It’s a departure from what we usually see in this segment in Europe, but with more car-like driving dynamics and the towing and carrying capacity unchanged, we believe it will offer a compelling new option for pickup customers.”


The Transit Custom and Ranger MS-RT models are only available in Europe. At this time, there’s no indication from Ford that similar upgrades will make it to US shores. Order banks are now open through Ford Pro dealers, with deliveries expected to begin midway through 2024.