Tiny Camper Somehow Fits Kitchen, Bed, Bathroom In 1,000-Pound Trailer

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It’s entirely possible this custom-built, ultra-tiny camper trailer somehow warps the very fabric of space-time. How else can we explain the existence of a modest bed, a kitchen, a stand-up shower, a portable toilet, air conditioning, and a small external “garage” all built onto a trailer weighing 1,060 pounds? This could be the smallest full-service camper we’ve ever seen, and it’s currently selling in Ohio for $3,700.

We happened upon this listing through the Ohio RV & Campers Buy Sell Trade Facebook group, and when we saw it, we had to know more. The seller graciously shared a plethora of photos and additional information with us, including details on the clever stand-up shower. The curtain is stored in a waterproof bin that doubles as a bench next to the sofa, which also performs double duty as a fold-down twin-sized bed. Next to the shower is the kitchen with a small sink and countertop long enough for a small stove. A dorm-sized refrigerator stows under the counter, and a towel rack on the front wall is within easy reach from pretty much everywhere.

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Tiny Camper Interior
Tiny Camper Interior

The kitchen counter extends all the way to the camper’s entrance at the back, leaving room for several storage bins between the fridge and wall. As you might imagine, the sofa/bed occupies pretty much all the space on the other side of the camper, though there is room at the front for more shelves and storage. Of course there’s more storage under the sofa, and an air conditioner is mounted high on the front wall for cooling. A stowaway table can be set up for dinner, and a portable toilet is on hand for activity, well, after dinner.

In a message to Motor1.com, the current owner explained they didn’t build it, but they have details on the project. The walls are double sheets of plywood with insulation in between and painter’s fabric on the outside. That makes the trailer cozy and waterproof, and for airflow, there are manual-crank windows with a roof-mounted skylight. A water tank is mounted beneath the sink, and at the front of the trailer is a mini-garage where you’ll find a battery for power and more storage. There’s a 1,000-watt inverter on board, and the camper can be plugged in as well.

The current owner is doing a bit of work on the outside storage area, but otherwise, it’s ready for action and we must say, the paintwork is positively adorable. It reminds us of a small utility trailer camper conversion we saw back in June, though it lacked even a portable toilet, never mind a shower.

This features both, and with an asking price of $3,700, we wouldn’t be surprised if it has a new owner soon.