$10K Mercedes Sprinter Stealth Camper Has Security Cams, Kitchen, Bathroom

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Parked on the street, you wouldn’t know this vehicle is a stealth camper. Outside, it looks like a plain, white van, the kind used by plumbers, electricians, and delivery drivers all over the world. But inside, it boasts a fully equipped living space complete with a kitchen and bathroom. 

The van is a 2004 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with 229,000 miles on it. Incredibly, it was built for less than $10,000. In a tour on his DualEx YouTube channel, Sharrieff Fareed shows us every inch of the conversion, which includes some clever touches in its cozy living space. 

Inside, the van has a full kitchen with running water. In the back, an entertainment area converts into a bedroom. The cab is pretty much stock except for a screen that shows the rear and sides of the van, something that’s very helpful when driving. The camera system also doubles up as a security system to monitor the van while it’s parked. 

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One of the unique features is that the passenger seat swivels around to a workstation. Behind it, a desk slides out from a cabinet and opens, providing plenty of room for a laptop and other equipment essential for remote work. When closed, it adds counter space to the kitchen.   

The kitchen area includes features that would make some homeowners jealous. Custom cabinets offer lots of storage, including a drawer for utensils. The propane stove has a glass top to cover it when it’s not in use, adding to the counter space. A small sink includes a cutting board cover and a drying rack. Next to the sliding door, a cabinet serves as a mud closet and includes a pullout for a trash can. 

Learning from his previous builds, Fareed added extra insulation and improved the van’s ventilation. The floor includes an inch and a half of foam insulation in addition to a plywood subfloor. The walls and ceiling are covered with an inch and a half of batting insulation which made an immediate difference in the interior temperature of the van as he was building it. 

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While not as large as the Izuzu box truck or the Mitsubishi Fuso we saw recently, the build is every bit as clever and makes the most of the limited space. If anything, its smaller size is more convenient, making it smaller to park and easier to hide in plain sight.