Watch Chris Harris Drive 862-HP Subaru Huckster On Track

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There are probably just several people around the world who know exactly what to do with a powerful 4×4 station wagon on a track and Chris Harris is certainly among them. In a new video, the renowned automotive journalist takes the wheel of the one-off Subaru GL “Family Huckster” – or simply the Huckster – and we have to admit we are jealous of the fun he seems to be having. The speedy wagon has already made its presence felt on YouTube and the Goodwood race, but Harris’ input elevates its reputation even further.

The machine is a unique creation that has been turning heads with its blend of classic design and cutting-edge performance enhancements. The Huckster is no ordinary wagon, boasting custom carbon fiber body panels and a host of retro-inspired touches, sending strong GL vibes. It also incorporates an active aero rear wing and hydraulic front and rear aero flaps, and all of those features can be seen in action in the video at the top of this page.

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“I can’t believe how responsive the engine is given it’s got a big turbocharger – it’s remarkable! It doesn’t sound like a flat-four either. Steering is very light, very direct. It feels like it was built for a purpose,” Harris summarizes after the first few corners.

Underneath the hood, the Huckster houses a beastly 862-horsepower turbocharged flat-four engine, mated to a sequential six-speed transmission. The power reaches all four KMC forged monoblock wheels providing enormous traction in corners. The long-travel World Rally Championship-spec suspension ensures that the Huckster can handle the track with finesse, delivering a thrilling driving experience.

Prior to Harris’ involvement, the Huckster showcased its prowess on the track in the hands of Travis Pastrana. Pastrana’s masterful driving skills brought the Huckster’s billowy exhaust note to life as it rocketed up Goodwood hill. With a remarkable time, the Huckster also earned the unofficial title of the fastest wagon ever at the event.

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