Porsche 911 GT3 R Rennsport Debuts With 611 HP, $1M Price Tag

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Rennsport Reunion 7 is underway in California, and Porsche is marking the occasion with a very special automobile. For those unfamiliar with the event, it’s Porsche’s celebration of its racing history. That’s why the bonkers 911 GT3 R you see here isn’t legal for the street. But then again, it isn’t legal for GT3 competition, either. It’s the Porsche 911 GT3 R rennsport, and it is – in a word – wild.

For the record, Porsche calls this the 911 GT3 R rennsport with a lowercase R. That’s a stark contrast to the car itself, which has absolutely nothing lowercase about it. For example, beneath that larger-than-life rear wing (which requires extra support braces to handle the downforce it creates) is a naturally aspirated 4.2-liter flat-six engine. It’s borrowed from the GT3 race car, but this isn’t built to GT3-class specifications so it makes 611 horsepower. The engine is tuned to run E25 fuel and gets bespoke pistons and camshafts. The compression ratio is higher, and we can only imagine what it sounds like spinning to 9,400 RPM.

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As you’ve no doubt seen in the photo gallery, we suspect people a mile away will hear the GT3 R rennsport when it’s on boil. Without rules for street or GT3 use, Porsche left the backside of this 911 largely open to save weight. Where you’d normally see panels and covers you now see various mechanical bits in action. That includes the exhaust system, which can be either fully open or fitted with mufflers and catalytic converters for use on tracks with noise restrictions. The six-speed sequential gearbox from the GT3 R is bolted up with minor modifications, turning just the rear wheels.

Speaking of wheels, those are special 18-inchers from BBS shod with Michelin tires made specifically for this car. They bolt to a chassis and suspension setup straight from the racing GT3, though Porsche gives the rennsport its own setup from the factory.

The body is arguably the big story here. Porsche says only the hood and roof are shared with the GT3 R. The face draws inspiration from the racer, but it’s a radical interpretation of the text with the reshaped vents, panels, and fins. Moving further back you’ll see no side mirrors – instead, there are cameras that feed displays in the rennsport’s special cockpit. We’ve already talked about the rear wing, which is clearly reminiscent of the iconic 935/77. In fact, Porsche sees the 911 GT3R rennsport as a modern-day 935 successor.

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Porsche also views it not only as a no-compromise performance machine, but a collector’s item. As such, there will be seven color options and three exterior designs that buyers can choose from.

“Porsche has been shaped by its rich history,” said Thorsten Klein, Style Porsche project manager for the GT3 R rennsport. “This is especially true in racing. This has subsequently inspired us, of course, but by no means did we want to produce a copy or an obvious retro paint job. The three options we selected are new interpretations.”

Buyers will have to act fast and spend large to put one of these special 911s in their garage. Porsche is only building 77 GT3 R rennsports, and prices start at $1,046,000.

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