GM Might Build The Wagon Of Your Dreams — But Only For China

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Since the demise of the Buick Regal TourX, General Motors has not offered a station wagon in the United States. But the GM wagon is far from dead elsewhere in the world. In fact, GM’s Wuling joint venture brand in China is showing off an eye-catching estate based on its Starlight sedan.

Wuling isn’t saying anything about whether a production version of this lovely wagon is coming, though according to GM Authority, the automaker released the photos to gauge public interest in such a model. Going by these photos, we think it should get built.

The Starlight Wagon has a sharp nose, with a light bar spanning the tip of the hood. The main headlights are on the lower corners, while the grille has a complex array of slats bisected by the main bumper design. The wheels strongly resemble the classic Volk Racing TE37 six-spoke design — a style that time and time again proves it can look good on any car.

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The gently arching windshield and roofline add to the aerodynamic silhouette. These images show the Starlight Wagon with a roof-mounted cargo box. It’s fairly low profile, though, so there doesn’t appear to be room to store much in there.

Here’s how the Starlight wagon looks next to the existing sedan:

Wuling Starlight Wagon
Wuling Starlight Sedan

The rear adds some sharpness to the generally smooth aesthetic. A spoiler incorporates into the tip of the roof, and the back window angles rearward. The taillights fit into a raised portion that runs across the hatchback.

Wuling didn’t release any images inside the Starlight Wagon, though the cabin would presumably look a lot like the existing sedan’s interior. The layout is relatively simple, with separate digital screens for the instruments and infotainment duties. A few buttons and a rotary dial can be found on the center console.

Wuling Starlight Interior

The Starlight sedan is available with plug-in hybrid and fully electric powertrains. Presumably, these options would also be available on the wagon, should it be greenlit for production. 

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The Starlight sedan starts at the equivalent of $12,478 (88,800 Yuan) in China. We suspect a wagon version would only be slightly pricier, making it deeply appealing for long-roof lovers on a budget.

Even if Wuling decided to build the Starlight wagon, it’s doubtful we’d ever see one in America. Still, we’d rather there be more wagons in the world. So we hope this car doesn’t stay a rendering for much longer.