Volvo S60, V60, S90 Killed In UK As Interest Dwindles In Sedans, Wagons

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Volvo’s lineup in the UK now looks different. The automaker has removed the S60, V60, and V90 from its lineup, citing the growing demand for its SUVs as interest dwindles in its sedans and wagons.

Autocar discovered the models missing from the brand’s online configurator, and Volvo confirmed the changes to the publication, saying there’s strong interest in its forthcoming EX30 and EX90 models. In a statement to Autocar, the automaker said it will “continue to rapidly transform” its product offering. That includes electrification and new platforms, which will have the company evolving and consolidating its lineup as it focuses on transitioning to building fully electric vehicles.

The shakeup doesn’t come as a surprise, as Volvo killed the S90 in the country earlier this summer after the S60 was put on hiatus for a brief period late last year. contacted Volvo to see if it plans to make similar changes to its US lineup. We’ll update this story if we hear back. A report from earlier this year alleged the automaker has plans to launch electric versions of the S60 and S90.

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In America, crossovers and SUVs dominate Volvo’s sales chart. The XC40, XC60, and XC90 accounted for 75 percent of the brand’s sales in June. Volvo sold 9,763 examples of the trio out of 12,993 total cars sold for the month, up 53.3 percent. Sales of its plug-in hybrid and fully electric Recharge models accounted for nearly 30 percent, and overall sales for the year are also up in the US by 18.1 percent with 59,750 sales.

Volvo’s lineup will continue to change as the brand wants to have a fully electric lineup by the end of the decade. The new EX30 and EX90 are part of that effort, as is Volvo’s investment at its South Carolina factory, which builds the S60 for the US. The upgrades prepared the plant to produce the EX90 and other new EVs, like the Polestar 3.

However, eager buyers will have to wait for the XC90 as a software integration issue has delayed its launch. Deliveries are not expected to begin until at least Q3 2024. Production for the EX30 won’t start until late next year, which will be the brand’s cheapest EV. It starts at $34,950 and is the quickest production Volvo ever.

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