Winnebago Solis Pocket Small RV Gets a Wet Shower, New Power System

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The Ram ProMaster is a commercial van that competes with the Ford Transit and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Winnebago used this model to build the compact Solis Pocket 36B. New floor plans are now available that pack a dining table and wet tub into this small space. The company is also partnering with EcoFlow to offer an optional Power Kit Pro, including a five-in-one power management controller, 5.0 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery, and touchscreen controller.

The new dining table has several layout options. For example, the travel mode shifts the bearing forward to accommodate two additional passengers, including seat belts. It can also be converted into a bed. You can also use it as a sofa.

The kitchenette includes a cooktop, sink and fridge. Simple but a lot to make a meal.

The wet tub at the rear means the shower shares space with the toilet to save space. This one also doubles as a mudroom for any wet gear. The bathroom even has a medicine cabinet. The owner can open the door to enjoy bathing in nature. There’s even a bug net to keep bugs out of your way.

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The available Power Kit Pro combines inverters, shore power converters, battery energy converters, solar energy converters and alternator energy optimizers into one system. This solution can generate up to 3,600 watts and offers 40 percent better charging than a van engine. The battery hides under the dining table chair. It provides up to three days of off-grip camping.

For a compact floor plan, this rig has everything you need for an adventure. You can cook, sleep, wash yourself and go to the bathroom. You can even use the water outside of the vehicle to spray things on.

Pocket Solis 36B available in Bright White, Deep Cherry Red, and Ceramic Grey, exterior colors. Winnebago hasn’t listed a price for this model yet, but it does have a vehicle promo site.

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