First sneak peek at Tesla’s affordable compact SUV, which will cost $25,000

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First sneak peek at Tesla's affordable compact SUV, which will cost $25,000

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has revealed new and interesting details about the company’s future projects during its annual shareholders’ meeting. Among other things, it has announced that its technicians are working on a more affordable platform than the Model 3 and Model Y, which will lead to two models.

«I just want to stress that we are designing a new product. We are not sitting hand in hand. Both the design of the products and the manufacturing techniques are far above everything that is present in the industry. We are probably making more than 5 million units a year of these two models combined.”

The occasion was used to show a puzzle of one of the two vehicles, which looks like a compact SUV somewhat smaller than the Model Y. This model could correspond to the electric car of $25,000 in which Tesla has been working for years, although this point was neither confirmed nor denied during the meeting.

Everything indicates that the second car will be Tesla’s long-awaited robotaxithat could evolve into a kind of specific vehicle for chauffeured transportation services (taxis, VTC, etc.), such as the LEVC TX5 and Mobilize Limo, because according to Musk, shared rides “They won’t really be relevant in the world of autonomous driving”.

Tesla sketch

Tesla’s new platform will cost half as much as the Model 3 and Model Y

Last year, Musk himself confirmed that the new architecture will cost half that used in the Model 3 and Model Y. To achieve this, new manufacturing methods will be used that, on paper, should reduce production costs by 50%. We can expect Tesla to continue betting on affordable LFP (lithium iron phosphate) chemistry on this platform.

“We finished designing the Cybertruck and the Semi, so you can guess what we’re working on, which is a next-generation vehicle that will be about half the price of the Model 3 and Y. it will be smallerTo be fair, but I think it will soon surpass the production of all our other vehicles combined.

We don’t want to talk about exact dates. [de lanzamiento]but this [nuevo modelo] is the main focus of our vehicle development team. Let’s take everything we learned from the [Model] S, X, 3 and Y, Cybertruck and Semi on this platform. we are trying to reach [a una reducción de costes] 50% again«.