Rumors about the new Tesla Model 3. Different design, bigger, more efficient and economical…

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In the last hours, multiple news related to the future Tesla Model 3 have been appearing on the network. The new version that Tesla is preparing almost in total secrecy, about which new information has appeared as well as indications of its next production.

The first news indicates that Tesla is preparing the Shanghai plant which, as discussed a few days ago, would be in charge of its production. But in the last hours there is also talk of Tesla has applied for a permit to dismantle one of the production lines at the Fremont, California factory.

The North American manufacturer filed a request last week to remove “multiple equipment, tools and utilities” at the factory from production lines. Which suggests that Tesla might be looking to upgrade the factory ahead of the release of the Model 3 facelift.

It is certainly striking that the documents mentioned by Bloomberg mention the “demolition” of part of the production line. An expression that quite possibly means a profound change in its design, and that attends to that the modifications in the new Model 3 will be much more important than a simple aesthetic change.

Under the so-called “Highland Project” Tesla has been working on the renovation of one of its great pillars for a year. A Model 3 that according to internal Bloomberg sources, will reduce the number of internal and external parts, it will improve the structural resistance and the productive efficiency, and it will increase the autonomy and the performance.

The Chinese media for their part have indicated that the facelifted Model 3 will be slightly longer, sportier, and have a sleeker interior than previous versions.

The first phase of the production line at Tesla’s Shanghai plant was will close a few days at the end of this month of May to adapt it in some aspects and prepare it for the start of production tests.

A factory that has even presented the documents for its expansion, which they hope will allow them to go from an annual rate of 1.25 million units to 1.75 million.

Tesla Gigafactory Export Center in Shanghai
Giga Shanghai

Since early May, some employees at the Shanghai factory have been asked to leave their mobile phones outside the production area, to prevent details of the new version from leaking. Another warning of how close it is to arrive.

A new version that, if the deadlines are met, should start mass production after summer in Shanghaiand at the end of the year in Fremont, so in Europe more than possibly the first units will not arrive until the beginning of 2024.